We take the risk out of litigation and you only pay if there is a successful outcome

Types of claims we fund include

  • Liquidator and trustee claims
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of trust
  • Native title
  • Commercial arbitration
  • Director and officer claims
  • Misleading conduct claims
  • Intellectual property claims
  • Negligence

How funding helps Insolvency Practices

Potential benefits for the insolvency practitioner

  • Liquidator/trustee fees can be paid by the funder as part of the funding agreement.
  • Able to pursue actions on behalf of creditors where insufficient funds for costs and adverse cost reserves.
  • Removes the adverse cost risk for the insolvency practitioner.
  • Funder's fees are contingent so you only pay on a successful outcome and recovery.
  • The funder can play an effective strategic role working with the relevant law firm and insolvency practice.
  • Defendant(s) know there is the financial depth and capability to pursue the matter all the way.
  • Assists with litigation budget risk and costs overruns.


How funding helps law firms and their clients

Potential benefits for clients

  • Able to transfer the litigation risks and adverse costs protection to a third party.
  • Able to better focus the use of capital on their core business.
  • Only pays funding commission if the claim is successful and recovery made.
  • Defendant(s) know there is the depth and capability to pursue the matter brings "equity of arms".
  • Allows good claims to be pursued where lack of funds would otherwise stall the claim.

Potential benefits for the firm

  • Improves and stabilises law firm cash flow.
  • Able to provide clients or prospective clients with an alternative to self funding.
  • Potentially increase volume of litigation for claims that otherwise would not proceed or that might otherwise have been discontinued.
  • Allows for flexible billing options including potential uplift in any fees that are deferred to the successful resolution of the claim.
  • Provides adverse costs protection comfort for clients.