We provide access to justice through our financial support of claimant litigation

Litigation funding

Claims funding Australia does not provide legal advice, it funds litigation. On success and recovery we are reimbursed all outlays and receive an agreed commission from the settlement or award.

We can provide third party funding for plaintiffs / claimants for:

  • legal costs and disbursements
  • costs relating to bank guarantees or security for costs orders by courts
  • payment or other party's legal costs if a claim is unsuccessful (adverse costs)
  • liquidator and trustee costs (where applicable).

We understand funding

Through our experienced legal advisors at Maurice Blackburn we have experience in dealing with a range of litigation funders over several decades. Maurice Blackburn:

  • has conducted the 6 biggest shareholder class actions in Australian history
  • has recovered over $3bn in damages through its class actions
  • is Australia's number one class action plaintiff law firm
  • has developed considerable knowledge from working with a range of litigation funders over the last two decades in complex matters.

Certainty and reliability

Certainty and reliability in funding throughout the life of the case is crucial. With the financial backing of Maurice Blackburn Pty Ltd we have the capital resources to fully fund complex and expensive litigation through to completion. We have built a healthy track record in doing just that since commencing funding in 2009.

Experienced litigators

Highly experienced litigators from Maurice Blackburn manage and oversee our funded claims and can provide in-depth strategic and tactical input to ensure that litigation is conducted as efficiently, effectively, and as potently as possible, with the best possible outcomes. We are repeatedly told by our referrers that our complex litigation strategy expertise is of great value in the overall litigation process.

Our business is managed and overseen by an investment committee comprised of Australia's foremost experts in complex litigation and highly respected board executives.